Time for Peace Film & Music Awards


Humanist values are the underpinning of the human condition and living them actively means entering into a process of preventing humanitarian conflict.

Throughout the year 2009, the Time for Peace Film & Music Awards will realize its goal of establishing an international database of films of high artistic quality that either impart humanist values or are ethically meaningful. This database, to which information will be added on a continuous basis, will be made available to the public via the Internet. In order to assist in the teaching of humanist values through the use of film, it will also provide recommendations for educators in schools and universities and for those who teach privately.

The database will be promoted by those international media that are associated with the project and through conferences that will take place in different countries, so that educational institutions become aware of its availability and can thus make use of it as a tool for teaching humanist values.

As shown in the films, these values will speak of the rights and dignity of men and women alike. They will further the flourishing of a culture of tolerance, respect for differences, freedom of expression, better understanding among human beings, care for and willingness to listen to one another, solidarity, and the preservation of the environment.

Today, film is an essential medium that grants access to a better understanding of the world and the human condition.
Films with a message of humanist values or ethics can inspire the audience to act upon them in their daily life and thus become models for youth in search of an ideal. Stories in which the protagonist-heroes broaden human dignity and offer constructive answers to questions that all people ask themselves, promote methods by which civilization can function more positively and learn how to transform the world. Film can serve as a therapeutic means to direct violent behavior toward a creative and constructive dynamic.

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